Black Beauty

Monday, June 3, 2013

Last full Day on the Isle

Well, our visit to the Isle is almost over. Sad in a way, because I'm sure I'll never see it again. It's a magical place, brimming with raw beauty, populated by hardworking friendly people and crazy fast motorcycle racing. I am so glad I told Gary and Linda about it and pushed Gary to go. Linda took no pushing. It is a very expensive trip, but we'll worth it.
Flying Through the Air

I guess the memories that will stay with me include the beauty, the racing conditions, and the monkeys in the sidecar. Unbelievable in all three areas.
Sidecar and "Monkey"

Changing gears and following up on issues--My replacement phone is in the hotel we stayed in the first two nights of the tour, Alderly Edge Hotel. They are holding it for me to pick up on the way to our final group night in Manchester. Hopefully it will work ok. And my tooth started being sensitive again yesterday. So, the antibiotic that knocked down the infection just before the trip began has worn off, allowing the access to start up again. So, I'm on the antibiotic again. Now, I'll have a messed up stomach and likely diarrhea. Yea!

I'm shutting down for the night now with my posts up to date. See you back in England.

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