Black Beauty

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Leaving the Isle

It's Tuesday, June 4th and it's the last of the Isle. Mother nature saved her best weather for the last day. About 75 degrees, blue skies with wispy clouds and a gentle breeze. It's a good day for doing anything outside.
Beautiful Roads

I got up, packed the backpack and had breakfast with Rod. Their pastries are sooo good! I'll pay for this indulgence later...

Checked out of the hotel and headed into Douglas to get gas. I wasn't sure if I had enough left to get me to a gas station, but it did. Filled it up and went riding,
Horse Drawn Trolley in Downtown Douglas
alone. I rode about 100 miles over the next few hours. I took pics along the way and stopped where I wanted. I tried every single-track road I could find. I went down one several miles and it ended in a pasture! Traffic was very light, so the riding was good.

The ferry leaves at 7:40pm,so I had to ride and kill time until about 6pm,when it is time to line up for the ferry. If everything goes according to schedule, we'll get off at 11:45pm and ride the t miles back to Morecambe and our hotel. I hope to nap along the way.
Dead-End Single Track Road

The Isle was all I wanted it to be, plus more. I've described it as well as I can, so I won't repeat myself. I'm so glad I came.

Well I'm officially off the Isle. We're on the ferry headed back to Hey shame and then Morecambe. This ferry is almost empty of passengers--only 41 aboard. They did load many large semi-trailers, but the ship is not at all full. The ferry coming over was packed to the gills. I plan to eat a bite and take a nap if I can.

I'll try to publish this on Wednesday morning.


  1. Reading your posts, makes my heart happy. So glad you have marked a wish off your bucket list. I live precariously through your travels. Enjoy Scotland (our homeland) and take pictures. Love, B/S

  2. Glad you got to visit the Isle and it was better than expected. Hope your tooth won't give you more trouble. Enjoy Scotland!

  3. How did Gary celebrate his b'day?

  4. Love reading your posts. Glad it was better than you imagined. Stay safe and enjoy the remainder of your trip. Can't wait to see the pictures. Faye