Black Beauty

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Over Hill and Dale

Wednesday's ride was wonderful. We went into the Yorkshire Dales National Park and rode all day on tiny paved roads that run from place to place in the dales. Many of the roads were literally one lane wide, with no room for another vehicle except another motorcycle.
Beautiful Old Tree Along the Way
And the roads ran with the land, up and down with lots of whoop de dos and curves. They were a hoot! The only drawbacks were that you had to be ready to deal with oncoming traffic and find a slightly wider spot in the road to let the other vehicle go by. And sheep. Much of the route was open-range pasture
Where's the Sheep!!!
, so we had to slow to a walking pace whenever we spotted sheep near or on the road. No close calls, but you had to be alert.

We had some roads of normal width, but there were many miles of one lane or one and a half lanes. They literally looked like a driveway to a house a long away from the road.

Stone fences... What can I say... Thousands of them. Most of the small roads were lined on both sides for miles and miles. And looking across the hillsides, they criss cross forming black lines off to the horizon. Just beautiful! Throw in a lot of sheep, some cattle, and an occasional horse, it was prettier than a postcard. You've got to see it in person to understand how it looks.
Beautiful or What???

Weather was generally ok. Some fog, light rain on and off, some wind, and chilly. Not bad, but not great. I guess it's typical England.

It was a good day on the road.

Will sign off for this post.

Oh, BTW, I received an email from the phone insurance company telling me that I have received my replacement phone! Only problem is--I don't know where I received it. Clayton? London? Isle of Man? When I phoned them to finish filing the claim, just as I was trying to tell them where to ship it, the borrowed phone ran out of time and shut down. I couldn't call back, so I sent an email to give them the information, but I have no way to know if they got it or followed my instructions. I had done that earlier, giving them the London hotel information. And there is no tracking information available, so I don't know where it is..

Stay tuned......


  1. Awww. I'm so glad you're seeing stone walls. Remember looking for them on our New England trip. Take pictures. I talked with Jarrett and I agree that Stone Henge is a place I'd like to see, hope you took plenty of pics. Loving your adventures, keep them coming. B/S

  2. What a wonderful adventure! You must tell me all about it over lunch when you get home.

  3. Sounds beautiful! Can't wait to see pictures.