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Friday, May 24, 2013

Walking in Steps

Yesterday (May 23) we spent the time in London mostly in London Tower. It was fairly interesting, but after a few hours of looking at old buildings, churches, royal jewelry and such, I saw enough. I bet we climbed up a thousand steps (and then back down) inside the area. The Beefeaters who did some commentary were interesting to see. They look just like the pictures you've seen. They actually live inside the compound!
Beefeater in London Tower

When we had seen everything, we walked a short way to London Tower Bridge. It crosses the Thames River and is pretty interesting to walk across. We didn't do a tour there, just walked across, taking pics as we walked.
London Tower

Then we walked maybe a mile down that street, just taking in the local culture. It's busy there, reminding me of many large cities, with lots of variety in types of stores and people. Lots of bicycles and motorcycles in the streets, with frequent lane-splitting and darting around in the heavy, fast moving traffic. They drive and ride pretty aggressively over here in this London Town.

Me and London Tower Bridge
We walked back a different way and stumbled on Simon Tanner's, an authentic English Pub. Finally found one! Danny, the bartender, was friendly, Scotch, and a motorcyclist. So we talked motorcycles and racing for a long time while we each drank two beers. My first one wasn't particularly tasty, and it was warm. Did I say authentic! The second was good and cold.
Danny at Our First Pub

After about an hour and a half, we bid Danny goodbye and started walking back into central London. We crossed the Thames on the famed London Bridge this time. We probably walked 2 miles on this excursion.

Next it was time to eat before making our way back to the hotel. So, we found a barbecue place called Bodeans Barbecue and had a very good dinner. The bourbon wings wear great and the barbecue was very good. Not quite like Stameys, but very good.

Interesting Art in London Tower
Next was getting home on the train system. We figured out the tube route (subway) and did it, but the train part was not simple. After wandering around a while, we walked back the way we came in earlier in the day and found some signage with Hayes and Harrington station at platform 11. In truth, it was actually platform 10. We scrambled over to the other platform and got on our train. Whew, it was an ordeal! But it got us back to our station.

Then the 9/10th mile back to the hotel. We got back at 12:30am and collapsed, too weary... But it was a very good day.

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  1. Sounds like you are getting plenty of exercise and taking in all the sites. The weather must be good too. Great to imagine what you are seeing, you describe it very well. Take care, glad you are enjoying your trip!