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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ferry to the Isle

Today was all about getting over to the Isle. We got up at the usual time, went down to breakfast and had another great meal. I had another English Big breakfast with their bacon. Yummy!
After breakfast, I killed time, waiting until noon to leave for the dock.
Deep Well Drilling Rig In Bay of Ireland
All of the single riders plus Rob and Gretchen were scheduled for the later trip. Gary and Linda, plus all of the two-up riders sailed a couple of hours earlier. Rob was not able to get us all on one ferry. Ferries for the island for the waves are fully booked more than a year in advance. So, it's not like walking up to the counter and buying a ticket.
First Class Accommodations on Ferry
I can't imagine doing all of the logistics for a trip like this. It has to be quite an ordeal to put together. I know it was more than Gary and I could handle ourselves.. So, that's why we are on this tour.
The ferry dock is about 5 miles south of the hotel. At noon, we gathered and rode to the dock. Hundreds and hundreds of bikes, plus hundreds cars were waiting for the ferry. Loading was simple. Ferry deck hands tied down the bikes. Up we went to the top deck, the 7th, where the "Premium" lounge is located. Nice comfortable seats and wait-staff to serve food and drinks. First class;this is my first experience with First Class service and I like it! Bob and Gretchen have really put together a group reat tour.
Aboard the ferry, it was quiet and comfortable except for the temperature. Sitting still and writing, my hair is wet from sweat. The ferry ride was very good.

Today's weather is great. Blue skies with wispy clouds on the horizon. Now that we're inside, the weather is great. Works that way sometimes.

The ride over to the island took longer than I expected. Almost 6 hours by the time we got off the ferry. Disembarking went smoothly. We were finally on the famed Isle of Man!

We rode into town and up close to the course. Then walked up the hill to watch a bit of qualifying. Damn, they go fast. Much more so than you can imagine.
Practice in Douglas
The bikes were no more than 20 feet away, going well over 100 mph right where we were standing. I tried to take a few pics, but it was hard to actually film them due to their speeds.

After a while, we left for the hotel. Then a good dinner and now the blog. Tomorrow will be an awesome day...

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  1. Me thinks my Brud is excited!!!! Enjoy. B/S